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Why We Check Your Credit Report

Are we really a buy here pay here no credit check in Greenville, SC? Well, let us explain this, we request you to produce your credit report during the financing process. Why is that? We do not look at your credit score to approve your auto loan. We stand by our promise on that ground – no score or bad score, you are approved at Family Auto. But as an accredited business operating in the state of South Carolina, we need to see your credit report to abide by a few

We have to verify your credentials
Your credit report contains your identification information. And this is a legal document that proves that it is indeed you. We finance only to legal citizens of South Carolina and checking your credit report is our way of verifying the same.

We check for bankruptcy
We are, after all, a business, and financing you helps us to earn our revenue to sustain the business. If a customer is already bankrupt and we end up financing him/her, the loan default will hurt our business. Hence, we depend on your credit report again to check for bankruptcy or evaluate if your monthly paycheck is enough to cover the auto loan expenses.

We also prevent you from going bankrupt
Family Auto has become the top buy here pay in Greenville who are not too worried about your credit. We do not conduct our business in bad faith. While checking your credit report, we look into your current debt to income ratio to determine how much loan you can afford without going bankrupt. This step helps both you and us.

For your benefit…
That is why we do a credit check, even when we have no interest in your credit score. Our quality assurance is not only limited to our used cars for sale in Greenville, SC. We also assure quality experience in our financing wing as well. With Family Auto, you get a seamless buy here pay here experience that is legit at every step. Visit us today, explore our deals, and finance your next used car easily.

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