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Why Used Car Buying Should Not Go Totally Online?
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Why Used Car Buying Should Not Go Totally Online?

When you can buy almost anything online, why can’t you buy used cars? Doesn’t used car shoppers deserve the same convenience? Such outcries about buying cars online are not new. And the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the demand. A few dealerships did start handing out online services. With almost all the information available on websites, the transition was simple. But the new car market saw more penetration than the used one as shopping for used cars is not exactly similar to buying new cars. The top used car dealerships in Greenville, SC still preach that their services should not go online. And they have every reason to state the same.

Used cars carry an unignorable history

And this history demands a personal visit and a physical inspection. Sitting on the other side of a computer, you have no way of knowing the creditability of the dealership that you are picking or the quality of the car you are buying. You will want to walk around physically, check its tires, and open its hood. Unless you have tested the used car with your own eyes, and not through a camera, you can never be sure about the vehicle having a clean history.

Test drives are the essence of used car buying

Assume that you can buy used cars in Greenville, SC, online. Then, the car you pick will be brought to your doorstep for a test drive. This directly poses two challenges to both you and the dealer. One, you will be under pressure to test drive the vehicle and like it. There is no other vehicle available immediately. You cannot compare drive feel unless you drive another car almost instantaneously. And two, in case you do not like the car, you will have to send it back. And the dealership has to bring another. And all these will cost too much for the dealer to bear alone. Hence, your used car shopping will become an expensive affair.

Online shopping will expose the market to scams

You might already know how the online world is. Not always do you get what you see in the pictures and you cannot afford such an instance when you are buying a car. Once used car shopping goes online, the market will fill quickly with fraudsters who will sell you used cars in White Horse Road with either a salvage title, flood damage, theft-recovered history, and others. Picking the best dealership will become cumbersome then. The physical distance between the buyer and the seller will corrupt the market. Hence, visit the dealer to buy a used car. Transact in person safely and buy the right used car.


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