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Which Used Chevy Silverado 1500 Should I Buy?

Visit a top dealership with a huge inventory of used cars and trucks in Greenville and you will find an overwhelming number of options just for the famed Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The model first came out in 1999 and since then has seen four generations of upgrades and currently sits right at the top of the full-size light-duty pickup segment. If you have set your eyes on the Silverado 1500, you certainly have a decision to make. And to aid your decision-making process here is a rundown about the three Silverado generations (with respect to the used car market) and what you can expect from them.

The latest models of Silverado 1500s – 2015 to 2019

If you look at the latest lot for used Chevrolet for sale, you will directly come across the third generation of Silverado 1500 that the automaker modified back in 2015 to compete with the rising popularity of F-150 and RAM 1500. As obvious, these models will come loaded with technology, beefier engine power, improved ride quality, and enhanced fuel economy than their previous generations. But these will come at a higher average price than what you expect used trucks to come at as the net new Silverado price is quite high as well. For better towing, comfort, and tech, this is the range of used Silverado 1500s you might want to look at.

Second generation Silverado 1500 – 2007 to 2014

Standing inside the best used Chevy dealer near Greenville, you can safely assume that you are looking at the optimal Silverado 1500 model given the combination of affordable price tags and the list of features available. When GM decided to improve its Silverado from the first generation, the market did not have superfluous tech demands. The focus was on improving the engine performance, aerodynamics, handling, and suspension. The 2011 model fared the best and this should be your catch if you do not need top-of-the-line towing capacity combined with great fuel economy. From 2011 onwards, the Silverado 1500 started carrying all the right features.

1999 to 2006 Silverado 1500s

They might seem outdated at first look but you cannot rule out the first-generation Silverado 1500s completely. Reason one, you can own a pickup with a V8 underneath for a reasonable cost. Reason 2, the pickups could easily give 270HP of engine power, enough to take care of almost all your needs. And reason 3, you can get a 4×4 Crew Cab for an average price of $15,000 which is not possible with the latest models. Be sure to look at the top buy here pay here cars at White Horse Rd that come with warranties and the age will not matter at all. In fact, the highway fuel economy was quite impressive in the first-gen Silverado 1500s which will help you save on fuel as well.


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