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What Should You Know About Car Financing in Greenville?
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What Should You Know About Car Financing in Greenville?

You may have heard that car financing is easy in Greenville. After all, banks are desperate to hand out more loans and they call up potential customers requesting them to take an auto loan. But when you arrived with your application, it got turned down and the case was the same with almost all banks, big or small. The reason – your bad credit score. You are a default risk to almost all financial institutions and you are asked to either return with a co-signer or an improved credit score. Car financing in Greenville suddenly does not seem that much easy anymore.

However, you are not alone in this peril. Not everyone in Greenville has a good credit score but almost all of us need a car. Buy here pay here auto traders tend to these customers where car financing is available without any emphasis on your credit score and this is what you should know as a bad credit score holder.

Your auto loan is surely approved

A buy here pay here in Greenville is both a used car seller and a financial services provider. If you decide to buy a used car from a buy here pay here car lot, the dealer will help you finance the same through their financial wing. Such dealers do not check your credit score. You are not a default risk to them as long as you have a stable job. To offset the associated risk, a buy here pay here dealer charges a higher interest rate than a bank as per the market norm but it does not turn you back solely based on your credit score.

Pay as much down payment as you can afford

Top buy here pay here auto traders like the Family Auto of White Horse Road have the financial capacity to offer you the deal of flexible down payments. Small dealerships have to secure the cost of the car by charging a high down payment but not Family Auto. Yes, it is advisable to pay as much as you can upfront to reduce your credit amount and thus the interest payable but you can finance a used car at Family Auto with just $500. You can even trade in your old car to use its monetary value in the down payment and keep your budget under control.

Credit spans that help you

At Family Auto, we do not drag the credit span to more than 3 years. This keeps your APR in check by controlling the interest rate chargeable. Again, as per the market norm, the longer you drag your credit span, the higher the interest rate you pay due to your bad credit score. But if you keep it short, you do not pay much interest. We are transparent about this policy as it helps you in the end. We make bad credit financing in Greenville easy from all angles, be it approval or net loan payable, or the method of payment. buy here pay here auto traders

Visit Family Auto of White Horse Road and take advantage of our no credit check auto financing. It is indeed easy to finance your used car in Greenville even with a bad credit score, provided you know where to go.


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