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Used Car Tire Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know
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Used Car Tire Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Maintaining the tires of your used car is probably the simplest and most important process to preserve the longevity of the vehicle. To begin with, the tires you use on your car help to keep you safe. Use a worn-down old tire and the rubber will not grip the asphalt properly and you will have no control over your car. Next, neglected tires face uneven wear and tear that stresses the entire powertrain, starting from the engine to the brakes. With time, the check engine light might come on and the brake pads might wear out faster, and you will stare at a massive repair expense just because you neglected your car’s tires.

The best used cars in Greenville, SC, only come with proper tires. And you just need to follow these three maintenance tips to keep the tires that way for a long time. Nothing over the top; no need to spend big bucks. Invest a bit of your time behind tire maintenance and you shall be fine.

Tip 1: Monitor and maintain tire pressure

The tire pressure monitoring system on your dashboard is your friend and you should react to it as soon as the warning light comes on. Irrespective of that, you must read your owner’s manual to check the optimal suggested pressure in the pair of front and back tires and periodically have the tires filled to the recommended PSI levels in the gas stations. Both underinflation and overinflation cause damage to the tires and the vehicle’s powertrain. The optimal level is where you must try to operate.

Tip 2: Keep track of the tread depth

The treads on your tires help to generate friction between the wheels and the road. And if the depth is not enough, you do not get enough friction to steer your car or even apply the brakes in time. While buying used cars from dealerships with buy here pay here in Greenville, SC, you must have conducted the penny test on the tires. Keep doing that now and then, and go for a replacement as soon as Abe Lincoln’s entire hair starts getting visible. Literally, the penny test will cost you nothing.

Tip 3: Rotate the tires

Depending on the type of powertrain you have in your car, tires do not wear out evenly. The front tires wear down faster in FWD cars while the back ones see a similar phenomenon in RWD vehicles. In AWD, tires wear out depending on your driving habits and the terrain you traverse daily. The best way to preserve tire health is to rotate the wheels among themselves periodically. Every time you go for an oil change, request the mechanic to carry out the appropriate rotations. Search for the best used car dealerships near me and you will see them following this step to maintain the tires. It is inexpensive when compared to buying a whole set.

Lastly, do not compromise on the vehicle quality that you are buying. If you buy from the best buy here pay here in Greenville, SC, like Family Auto, you can rest assured that all the parts of the vehicle are in top condition. That applies to the tires as well because Family Auto passes every vehicle through a strict evaluation procedure and reconditions the cars before placing them on sale. When you buy a quality car, you know that the vehicle will run long with adequate maintenance. And your cost of ownership will stay within limits as well.


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