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Top-Rated GPS Apps and Standalone Devices for Your Vehicle
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Top-Rated GPS Apps and Standalone Devices for Your Vehicle

Ford Five Hundred 2005

Imagine you are driving around Greenville. With a healthy network on your smartphone, you can simply fire up the map or navigation application and use that to maneuver the town to reach your favorite restaurant or shopping center. But say you decided to take a long drive from Greenville to Charleston or Hardeeville. The navigation app might not seem that reliable then as you are bound to lose your network on the highway and your phone will only be good for offline games that you cannot even play while driving. This creates a standoff between the type of navigation system you should be investing in. And as evident from the example above, your decision will depend on the type of trips you frequently take.

Top-rated mobile GPS applications

The top auto dealership in Greenville, SC, suggests the use of one of the following three applications for glitch-free navigation around the city or any other major urban hub in America, Canada, or anywhere else.

1.Sygic Maps and GPS Navigation

Sygic Maps works without the internet. This means that the highway problem disappears with this application. However, the map is stored on your phone’s memory for offline use and that is the only drawback that the app carries. With more than 200 million downloads already, Sygic makes a strong case with its backbone built by TomTom. The 3D map is extremely detailed and user-friendliness is supreme. With the internet connection, you get real-time traffic updates. Without it, you can still navigate infused with accurate guidance.

2.HERE We Go

When the app was only available for NOKIA phones, it could not make that much of a name. But as soon as the brand rolled out its Android and iOS versions, HERE We Go shot to fame. This is also an offline GPS navigation app that uses your phone’s memory to store the map but its real prowess comes to light when you connect the application to the internet. The interface is simple but stylish. The maps are easy yet detailed. And when you are not driving, you can use HERE We Go to get information about sidewalks and bike trails which makes it the go-to navigation app.

3.Waze Live Navigation

Ask a tech-savvy auto dealership in Greenville, SC, if you can do with Google Maps and the answer will always come as – why not download Waze? This live navigation application wins over the giant with a unique spec that Google is yet to include. While Google Maps determine congestion by calculating the number of users stuck in a street, Waze takes input directly from the user. This means other Waze users will tell you in real-time about the traffic conditions, road blockades, school zones, and more.

Top-rated standalone GPS devices

Many used cars sold by dealers come with standalone GPS devices that the previous owner left behind in the vehicle. Some dealers also suggest that you invest in one if you generally travel on the highways or do not like to overload your phone. If you are swayed in this direction, these are your top options.

1.Aonerex 7-inch touchscreen navigator

Dodge Journey 2009

Although expensive than most in the market, a few can match up to the quality and features of the latest Aonerex 7-inch model. The standalone device comes with 8 GB memory that literally has space for a lifetime of updates along with a responsive touchscreen and smart driver alerts. The satellite connection is sophisticated and high-functioning. And the autocorrects are prompt on the occasion you miss a lane. You actually get what you pay for with the Aonerex 7” model.

2.JRCX Lifetime GPS navigator

Used car lots that finance often direct their financially strained customers to the JRCX standalone GPS navigator that carries similar features like the Aonerex but at a cheaper price. You get a lifetime worth of free updates on the device. You also get a 7-inch screen along with 8 GB memory. And you have multi-language features, a host of driver alerts, a sunshade, and a car charger. On the flip side, the JRCX navigator may seem a bit bulky for a few dashboards but full-size SUV owners should not have any complaints.

3.Garmin Nuvi 57LM navigator

If you do not want sophisticated navigation features on your standalone GPS device and can make do with the most basics of the lot, do not look beyond the compact Garmin Nuvi 57L navigator. The gadget is simple. It comes with a pre loaded map of 49 states along with free updates and school zone warnings. The touchscreen might seem a bit small but it does its work when it comes to GPS navigation. The suggested directions are easy to understand and the dual-screen feature comes in handy as well.


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