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The Upcoming Trends in Pickup Trucks

Ford F-150 2007

As a used truck buyer, why bother to pay attention to the upcoming trends in the pickup segment? Should not the new truck enthusiasts look into the same? Well, buying a used pickup truck that meets the future demand of consumers will increase the resale value of the vehicle you own. If your pickup has all the features that customers will want after 3 to 5 years, you will stand to gain a hefty sum owing to the market popularity. So, before heading to one of the top used car lots on White Horse Road, take note of the upcoming pickup trends and buy on those lines to secure your resale value.

Horsepower will matter more

The amount of attention that the Tesla and Ford battle grabbed on Twitter should tell you that pickups with the highest horsepower will shoot to fame. Customers already like big numbers on their powertrain. The heavy-duty pickups have started selling more than their lower-end counterparts. If you can swing it, go for a RAM 2500 or Ford F-250 as these trucks will hold on to their value.

Cabin luxury is the future

Ford F-150 2003

There was a time when leather interiors and seat warmers were only offered by German luxury brands. But American car manufacturers have started disrupting the market by offering those same luxury features in their pickup trucks. Right now, RAM and GMC are going head to head to grab the luxury segment. Soon, used car lots on White Horse Road, South Carolina are bound to feel the demand as more players flood the market.

Sedan-like safety tech

Along with comfort, customers are also seeking premier safety tech from their trucks. That includes features like blind-spot monitoring, parking assistance, pedestrian control, and more. Look for those used pickups that already have most of these safety-techs installed as sedan buyers will slowly migrate towards similar trucks. The utility of pickups is captivating as it is. The availability of tech drives its appeal up a notch.

More cabin and bed space

A close look at the pickup’s evolution will tell you that the trucks have only gotten bigger. Right now, the manufacturers are infusing technology to offer more cabin and bed space with multiple configurations of the backseats and tailgates. In the best buy here pay here in White Horse Road, Greenville, SC, you can find trucks of all sizes in affordable ranges. Pick the voluminous models so that you sell on the higher end of the demand curve.


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