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The Best Time to Buy a Used Car

As a savvy consumer, you already know the cost benefits of timing your purchase right. You already wait for Black Friday for buying that big-screen TV or end of the season sale to pick up a few clothes for your wardrobe. It only makes sense that you will want to follow a similar technique while buying used cars as well. Indeed, there are good times and bad times of investing in used cars at White Horse Road. There are times when you can make savings and buy at a price that is considerably cheaper than the market value.

October, November, December

The last 3 months of the calendar year is when new cars see the maximum discounts on their MSRP as the change of the year will bring in a new model and carmakers look to clear their inventory. Data shows that discounts reach an average of 6.1% in December and naturally, people flock to buy new cars selling their old ones. This trend fills up the Greenville car dealerships with used vehicles and they are now compelled to provide discounts going by the market. In short, for assured discounts on your used cars, wait for the tail of any year.

Late-August or Mid-September

Carmakers typically say goodbye to their previous models and launch their recent ones. And if they decide to give a complete overhaul, things become better for used car consumers. Right at the end of summer or during the starting of fall, the same cycle of sell-off begins where people look to buy the recent new models. They sell their older vehicles making this period a good time to pay a visit to the used car dealers in White Horse Road. Owing to increased trade-ins, you might get better options and buy that car which you may not get at other times.

Naturally, Black Friday, Labor Day, and Memorial Day

The top used car dealers in White Horse Road also hop in on the train of providing holiday discounts to maintain their competitive edge in the retail market. And more often then not, the value you get out of the discounts at these dealerships is quite fruitful in the long run. You are sure to get a quality car at a steal-away price along with warranties and financing benefits. Holidays are times when retail store owners look to cash in of the buying sentiments of people and used car dealers are no different as well.


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