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Should You Buy a Used Toyota Tacoma Over Ford and Chevy Pickup Trucks?
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Should You Buy a Used Toyota Tacoma Over Ford and Chevy Pickup Trucks?

You may have heard that the Ford F-150 is the best-seller pickup truck in America. But that is true only in the new cars market. When it comes to used trucks for sale in Greenville, SC, the top name is unsurprisingly the Toyota Tacoma. Before Tacoma, Toyota used to manufacture pickups with the name Toyota Truck and the vehicle was a hit back in the 1980s. The Toyota Truck is known to run its owners for more than 400,000 miles and being a direct descendant, the Tacoma carries similar longevity. No matter what you have heard about pickups, Toyota’s Tacoma presents a strong case when compared with used Ford and Chevy pickups. If you indeed decide to buy one, be sure that you will not regret your decision.

Pros of buying a used Toyota Tacoma

Strictly in terms of reliability, no other pickup truck comes even close to the Toyota Tacoma. The manufacture tops the J.D. Power rating list and is famed for making sturdy engines, and the Tacoma carries every aspect that Toyota has promised its customers over the years. The pickup has the least cost of ownership. Maintain the vehicle and it will run for over 300,000 miles. Plus, the safety in the second-generation Tacoma is the best in the industry as the pickup caries near-5 ratings in almost all safety tests.

The best used Toyota Tacoma

In a dealership selling used cars in Greenville, SC, look for a used Toyota Tacoma in the year-range of 2012 to 2015. Although, any second-generation Tacoma made after 2005 can also be a good bet. The 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma’s carry an upscale interior and an improved engine performance from its predecessors along with impressive off-road and EPA features. However, if you can do without the added luxury in your truck and do not need monstrous engine power, the older Tacoma’s can be an economical choice. You will still get the best features available in that range – both on grounds of year and price.

So, is the Tacoma all good?

Unfortunately, no one makes a perfect pickup truck and the Toyota Tacoma has its faults as well. In the first generation, the Tacoma received heavy complaints about fast rusting and corrosion which naturally turned away many customers. But Toyota soon improved on that which shot up its demand in the used car market. Due to this, the Tacoma costs more than an F-150 or a Silver-ado 1500. But you can always offset the price factor in a top buy here pay here in Greenville, SC by planning the financing right. In all, it is worth paying the extra amount for a Toyota Tacoma. The pickup’s reliability and longevity are motivating enough to buy it over the best-sellers of the other brands.


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