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Should You Buy a Used Car in Greenville with a Replaced Engine?
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Should You Buy a Used Car in Greenville with a Replaced Engine?

It is not uncommon now in Greenville to come across used cars with replaced engines. The bigger question is – should you consider them while buying used cars from dealers? The prospect seems enticing when you see that the vehicle’s history is quite clean except for this one glitch. Even, the dealer may be willing to slash a few digits off from the marked price. No matter how great the deal looks, you must understand that a car’s engine is designed to run the vehicle’s entire lifetime and if it had to be replaced before the entire car broke down, something must have been wrong that did not get reflected in the vehicle history. You might consider buying a used car with replaced engines in some scenarios but it is better to stay away if nothing else is on offer.

When is okay to buy used cars with replaced engines?

Older used cars often need engine replacements and that is common. Especially, if the car had been driven majorly within the city its entire lifetime. Due to traffic in the city, cars have to start and stop frequently from multiple speed levels and this pattern puts enormous pressure on gasoline engines. Before the other parts of such a car can break down, the engine gives up its life. An auto repair shop will then go for an engine replacement to get the vehicle up and running again. And the top buy here pay here car lots in Greenville, SC might bringing in the vehicle into their lots.

Now, a replaced engine acts as a second life of the used car. Say you are buying a 170,000 miles vehicle with a brand-new engine, after 30,000 miles, your car might have run 200,000 miles but the engine will only have 30,000 miles on it. Expertly replaced engines prolong the longevity of used cars and can benefit you in the long run.

When is it not okay?

Unless the manufacturer recalled a specific model due to an engine defect, engine replacements in fairly new used cars with moderate mileage readings are always a red flag. A 100,000-mile used car will generally require an engine replacement either due to flood or fire damage. Or, the owner might not have maintained the vehicle properly which might have led to engine deterioration. A reputed buy here pay here no credit check dealership in Greenville, SC will rarely have such used cars in their lot as they are not meant to be sold.

Also, replacing an engine is no easy job and a random auto repair shop cannot do it. Even if there is no history of flood or fire damage, engine replacements require a professional touch. Look closely at which repair shop replaced the engine and what is their credibility. In case of any hint of doubt, stay away from the vehicle.

The perfect way to buy the best used car, engine replaced or not, is to come to Family Auto of White Horse Road, Greenville. We take in used cars only after an expert inspection and make sure that all the right boxes are ticked. Plus, we offer a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on our fleet so that you remain covered for that span. When you see an engine replaced used car with us, know for sure that the vehicle is of the highest quality. It means that the used car passed our quality inspection test and comes with a warranty to you.


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