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Retail vs Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Greenville: The Smarter Place to Buy a Used Car
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  • Retail vs Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Greenville: The Smarter Place to Buy a Used Car

Retail vs Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Greenville: The Smarter Place to Buy a Used Car

The deal at a retail auto dealership in Greenville is straight-forward. You walk in with cash or a pre-approved loan and buy a used car. Buy here pay here dealerships in Greenville, however, take things a bit further. They help you to finance your used car right inside the dealership and unlike other lenders, they do not bother you with credit scores to approve the auto loan. Sure, you are free to choose any type of dealership to buy your next used car, but given the current economic situation postCOVID-19 shutdowns and the regulations that govern our financial institutions, there is just one smart option between the two.

Getting a pre-approved loan is still difficult

As you will need to tick a host of criteria first.

1.Your credit score must be excellent for banks to even consider a pre-approved auto loan.
2.You will have to pay a high down payment to compensate for a good or subpar score.
3.You may need a cosigner to carry your risk if your credit score is in the subprime range.
4.Or, you will have to approach credit unions and buy a membership to get an auto loan.

However, none of the conventional lenders will accept your loan application if you have a bad credit score. In the COVID-era, many of us took financial hits and our credit scores plummeted but the financial institutions are bound by their own rules where they cannot be that lenient.

So, without a pre-approved auto loan, retail dealerships are out of the equation. But buy here pay here car lots in Greenville, SC are not as they extend auto loans to customers who are in such situations. The deal is that you will have to buy a used car from their lot, which is also your intention, and they will help your finance the same without depending on credit scores or co-signers. At a time when the economy is still recovering and credit scores are getting hit for no fault of the borrowers, BHPH dealers are naturally the smarter options over retail ones.

Plus, you get more used car options

Take the example of a Dodge dealer in Greenville, SC. You will either get certified pre-owned vehicles with the dealer or only Dodge cars along with Fiat and Chrysler options. Now, you might be a fan of Dodge but you cannot buy used cars without exploring alternatives. You will want to test drive a Kia, Chevy, Ford, or Toyota to understand whose vehicle packs better features and offers more reliability for the same price.

Here again, the top buy here pay here in Greenville, SC is the better option. They are not associated with a particular automaker and sell used cars of all make and models. Visit Family Auto of White Horse Road and you will be left amazed by the vastness of our inventory. You name a model and we are bound to have it and you can finance it easily with our flexible financing deals. Why look anywhere else when the best is available under one roof? Choose the smarter way and buy the best used car.


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