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How to Check the Quality of Used Cars Without Being an Auto Expert?
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How to Check the Quality of Used Cars Without Being an Auto Expert?

An average used car buyer is rarely auto-savvy. He/she cannot look under the hood and detect a minor coolant leak or simply hear the sound of the engine to conclude that something is wrong. Additionally, it takes time to become even an intermediate car expert to rightly evaluate used cars before buying, and employing the services of a professional often comes at a considerable cost.

But what if we told you that it is possible to find quality used cars in Greenville without being an auto expert? That you can continue to be who you are and still figure out if the used car in front of you is worth buying? All you need to do is tick a few absolutely necessary boxes, and you shall end up with the best used car available in the market.

1. Pick the best used car dealership

Buying your next used car from the best buy here pay here car dealership in Greenville will automatically cover a bunch of quality parameters. Typically, such dealerships have survived the test of time in the market and currently are too big to fail. They cannot afford to sell mediocre used cars as that will harm their reputation and dry up their revenue. So, pick a dealership like Family Auto of White Horse Road that is serving used car buyers for over 20 years. You cannot go wrong by buying a used car from here.

2. Run the VIN through a paid service

A used car’s history has a lot to say about its current quality. A paid service like Carfax will compile the vehicle’s public data into one report and you will have a snapshot right at your hand. Look for the usual features in the history report like type and number of previous ownerships, title registrations, accident history or other possible damages, and more. You do not need to be an expert to spot quality used cars with clean histories. Often, the red flags are clearly visible.

3. Be attentive during the test drive

If you have been driving a car for some time now, you should know what a quality car feels like. If not, be sure that a great car should not be emitting any weird noises that do not come from cars. Even though not completely quiet, the cabin should feel comforting. The used car should brake exactly on your command and the handling should feel smooth. You can also perform the dipstick check in the oil tank to check the engine’s health. A simple YouTube video should teach you the tricks.

4. Lastly, always buy with warranties

Probably, the best tool to verify a used car’s quality in an average buyer’s arsenal. A top buy here pay here in Greenville, SC will always sell their used cars with warranties. And they should not be extended warranties where you have to pay a specific amount upfront to buy the warranty. Flat warranties, like the ones available at Family Auto, speak more about the car’s quality than the paid ones. When included in the package, it is an assurance that the used car is likely to be of top-notch quality as there is adequate backing.


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