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How are HEMI Engines Different from Standard Engines?
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How are HEMI Engines Different from Standard Engines?

No car aficionado needs to be told about the popularity of HEMI engines. The 2000s Dodges, Jeeps, and RAMs carried the engine type and delivered monstrous levels of power. Although current models with standard engines match the HEMI’s performance, the latter still makes a stronger case when it comes to customer preference. So, what is this fuss all about? How did HEMI gain this much popularity and what is really the difference? Let’s find out.

What is the HEMI engine?

The engine type gets its moniker from the fact that its combustion chambers and piston surfaces are rounded or hemispherical in shape rather than the normal cylindrical or flat. Hence, the name HEMI. This structure improved air intake through the intake valve and exhaust output through the exhaust valve and escalated the intensity of combustion in the combustion chamber. Plus, the rounded shape allowed the valves to be bigger in size which allowed the delivery of more power due to increased air supply.

How is it different?

Apart from the clear structural difference, HEMIs are bulkier. Added with the rounded piston top, the spark plug placement, and the bigger valves brought more power to consumer vehicles, something not available before. This is why Dodges and RAMs sell out faster in buy here pay here dealerships in Greenville, SC, owing to improved performance specifications.

Chrysler first introduced HEMI in America in the 1950s and took off in popularity in the 1960s when it won the competition in NASCAR. Back then, the vehicles sported 7-liters engines, a feat few others could match. After that, HEMI became synonymous with power and performance as the automaker continued to deliver horsepower ratings like no other.

Today, however, when you see a 2010 RAM standing in a buy here pay here Greenville, SC, do not expect a mammoth engine. Over the years, HEMIs have become increasingly become flat, similar to other standard engines. In the past decade, there have been little notable differences apart from the name HEMI.

Should you buy a RAM with a HEMI?

RAM picks are top choices in buy here pay here in White Horse Road, Greenville, SC, for a reason. HEMI or not, the make’s power train is one of the best in the segment. Objectively, HEMI should not be your first preference in the current era but if it is included in the package, the deal is a bonus. HEMI engines are known for their performance. And they are preserving that legacy without a doubt.


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