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Used Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Dodge or Ford – you name it and we have it. Family Cars, sedans, Vans, SUVs, or pickup trucks – it is your choice at Family Auto of White Horse Road. We have a massive used car inventory for you to choose from. We have more cars coming in every day and we offer the entire fleet to you. And if somehow you do not see the vehicle that you want on our lot, we will go to every extent to get it for you as we strive to serve you by maintaining the highest possible standards.

Here is a glimpse of our current inventory.


Used Chevy, Used Honda or Used Ford - We Have Them All

Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars in Whitehorse

We have a huge collection of used cars, vans, SUVs at our Whitehorse, SC lot.
Make a visit and check out our huge inventory.

We are a car dealership for bad credit and offer quick and easy
financing and flexible payment plans.