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Can I Take Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Greenville with a History of Bankruptcy?
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Can I Take Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Greenville with a History of Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy might feel like a huge dark spot on your credit report. It had already plummeted your credit score and banks make a huge deal out of it. Even many private lenders hesitate to approve loans to borrowers who have a history of bankruptcy. But going bankrupt is not uncommon in America. People of all financial strengths file for bankruptcy at least once in their lifetime. Going by this logic, a history of bankruptcy should not matter much and that is exactly what you get at Family Auto buy here pay here dealership at White Horse Road, Greenville.

Your past financial story does not matter

You were bankrupt once. You would not be buying a used car if you were still bankrupt. We do not bother about your financial history while approving your auto loan and only look at your present income and the stability of the job you have. If your pay check can cover the auto loan burden, we will finance you. Your history of bankruptcy will not matter in our buy here pay here in Greenville, SC.

How long ago you were bankrupt might matter

No one comes out of their bankruptcy overnight, or even within a month unless they are extremely lucky. So, even in a buy here pay here dealership, the duration between your bankruptcy and the time of buying a used car will matter. Search for any buy here pay here near me in Greenville and you will ultimately end up with a lender. And just like any lender, a buy here pay here dealer will want to protect its credit and make sure that you can payment consistently.

You may have secured a high-paying job but we recommend that you give adequate time between your bankruptcy and buying a used car. And if you desperately need a vehicle, start with the economical options in our deep inventory that you can afford without credit default. This way, you can keep improving your credit score and diminish the impact of the bankruptcy history, and as a dealer, we get to protect our credit interests as well. Win-win for all.

Design your auto financing at Family Auto

Finally, you can further improve your chances of a high loan approval at our buy here pay here in Greenville, SC. If you already have a car, trade that with us. If you can afford it, pay a high down payment. Combine these with a short credit span of 3 years and you can benefit both in terms of interest rates and used car prices. Despite having a bankruptcy history, you can buy the used car you want and finance the same just like any other borrower in the market.

Family Auto of White Horse Road is all about enabling you. You may have any financial glitch on your credit report but as long as your present is solid, you are approved in our dealership. So, forget about your bankruptcy or high alimony or student loans. Visit Family Auto and buy a used car with a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty.


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