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All You Need to Know About Your Car’s Knock Sensor
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All You Need to Know About Your Car’s Knock Sensor

How can you tell sitting inside your car that the engine is working fine? By keeping an eye on the check-engine light, of course. But what if the component that checks your engine gets damaged in the first place? Can you keep depending on the check-engine light then? One such crucial powertrain component is your car’s knock sensor. And it is that part of the vehicle that monitor’s the engine’s health 24*7. If you have never heard of the same before or just have a vague idea, here is all you need to know about the knock sensor as a used car owner.

What is a knock sensor?

Any sensor is something that senses a particular signal. A knock sensor is designed to pick up the slightest unusual vibrations of your engine. It typically sits either on the intake manifold, engine block, or the cylinder head and is specifically designed to report engine-related damages at their early stages. For instance, damaged pistons or valves may give rise to usual detonations. This will cause the engine to vibrate or behave abnormally. The knock sensor can pick this signal up and report to the Power train Control Module when you remain oblivious to the hidden problem.

Can you drive around without a knock sensor?

The top car dealership in Greenville, SC will never sell you a car without a knock sensor. Not that your car will not run without one but your engine damages will go unnoticed if the abnormal vibrations are too feeble to be picked up by human senses. Over time, however, you will notice excessive heating of the engine, maybe a burning smell, outrageous oil consumption, and ultimately engine failure. Temporarily, the absence of a knock sensor will not cause any bother. In the long term, the repair expenses can be massive.

When should you replace the knock sensor?

Family Auto, who have a strong presence in Greenville area suggests that you should replace your knock sensor every 150,000 miles. That is how sturdy the component is. But you should have a professional keep a check on the same regularly, especially if you invested in a fairly old used vehicle with not much odometer reading. A typical knock sensor can cost you anywhere between $60 to $200, depending on the car you drive.

How to check the knock sensor’s health while buying a car?

Unless you develop superior mechanical expertise overnight, you cannot check the knock sensor’s health while buying a used car. You can, however, search for the best buy here pay here near me and purchase your car from a reputed dealership where you are assured of the car’s overall quality, closely backed by warranties. You can breathe easy here knowing that the knock sensor is in top shape and so your engine is being monitored adequately throughout the day.


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