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5 Signs that You Are About to Get the Worst Buy Here Pay Here Deal in Greenville
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5 Signs that You Are About to Get the Worst Buy Here Pay Here Deal in Greenville

If people knew they are being scammed, they would not have gone ahead with the process. But you rarely get warning signs about bad deals as salespeople are trained to sugarcoat almost anything. You can end up in a shady buy here pay here in White Horse Road and more often than not, you will not be able to tell the difference with a reputed one. The deals will nearly be the same. You will get similar packages. But you will end up losing more money than you should, either in high interest payments or poor used car quality.

To steer clear, look out for the following 5 signs of a bad buy here pay here deal in Greenville. Even if you are dished out any one, leave the dealership immediately.

1. The salesperson almost forcing you to buy a particular car

Sure, there are commissions associated but that should not be the salesperson’s priority. Selling a used car that you want to buy is the mark of best used car dealerships in Greenville, SC. If you feel forced or rushed, know that either the used car has some hidden problem that the dealer is trying to pass on to you or the vehicle is marked up high and you are paying way more than the market value. In a dealership, you should feel comfortable and not rushed.

2. Way too much fuss about your credit score

The deal in a buy here pay here in White Horse Road is all about easy bad credit financing. You are eligible for an auto loan no matter what credit score you bring in through the doors. But if the BHPH dealer makes a lot of fuss about your poor score, bringing it up in almost every alternate sentence, be sure that a claim of an arbitrarily high interest rate is hidden somewhere. You won’t get the market rate. And your financing deal will drain your income.

3. The dealer is obsessed with monthly credit payments

Low monthly credit payments mean that the dealer gets to drag out your auto loan. And you pay interest rates for 5 to 7 years which you could have easily been limited to 3. Used car dealers often entice customers with low monthly payment rates. But the deal is rotten because you end up putting money into the dealership’s account. Instead, do your research and pick a reputed buy here pay here in Greenville with $500 down offers. Pick a financing plan here that helps you.

4. The dealer is selling shallow extended warranties

Used car shoppers generally do not expect to get warranties. Thus, the prospect of one naturally seems convincing. But if a dealer is selling the warranty to you instead of just handing an offer, the deal is like those useless car features that you rarely use but pay a lot of money to buy. Read the warranty papers. See what expenses are included. If you are not convinced, visit Family Auto buy here pay here in White Horse Road where you get a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty right inside the purchase package.

5. The paint job on the car seems amateurish

Most dealers paint their cars to make the vehicles saleable. But some do it to hide demons like rusts or flood damage. A coat of paint cannot hide everything and that is where things start to look amateurish. Start questioning every aspect of the used car then and run the VIN to get full details. The best way to avoid this scam is to research first on how to spot quality used cars. You need not become an expert but you can surely look out for the usual suspects.


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