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4 Questions People Do Not Ask Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships (But You Should)
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4 Questions People Do Not Ask Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships (But You Should)

As a 21st-century customer, we all know that we need to ask a few questions to the used car dealerships in Greenville, SC that we pay a visit to so that we understand the type of deals on offer. But most of us only stick to the routine questions about the car or the financing options or the insurance policies and ignore those queries that help to reveal the dealership’s true expertise. If you do not ask out-of-the-box questions, you run the risk of missing out on impressive deals. You may even get to differentiate between the best buy here pay here dealership with a mediocre one just depending on the right questions.

Here is a list of queries that people generally do not take to a buy here pay here in Greenville, SC. Take note and ask these to the staff so that you get exactly what you are getting.

1. Can you get me this used car as you do not have it in your lot now?

When a dealership replies that it does not have a specific used car that a customer came looking for, the latter immediately starts looking for substitutes. Yes, it is not possible for dealerships to house all models in their lots in a given time and yes, the substitutes may also work fine, but you had done your research and you like a specific model, and the dealership should be in a position to get you the used car you want. The best used car dealerships in Greenville, SC can make that happen.

2. Why am I paying for the used car warranty?

Most used car buyers almost come prepared to pay for used car warranties. They cannot imagine a world where anyone would be willing to back a used vehicle’s quality. But Family Auto buy here pay here is a used car dealership and it offers a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty. And this deal comes without any sort of extra payment. So, if a buy here pay here dealership is asking you to pay for a used car warranty, you need to ask back – why? It is part of the package in Family Auto, why not in the dealership you are visiting?

3. Which used cars are best for Greenville?

You may have been thorough with your research about the best used cars for Greenville and read everything on the internet but in the end, used cars are the dealership’s business that it executes day in and day out. You need to accommodate their expertise. Ask for their advice on which cars are perfect for Greenville roads and whether the model you have selected is adequate. You may later choose to stick with your view but there is no harm in taking another expert opinion.

4. Why do I have to come down to make my monthly payments?

There is really no excuse for a buy here pay here in Greenville to ask you to come down to the dealership every month to make your monthly premium payments. A few buy here pay here dealerships still maintain this deal to secure their credit, and their used car, until the debt is fully repaid. You do not have to sign into this because it is, after all, an inconvenience. In Family Auto, you can pay your credit over any method you like on any date of the month and do not have to visit personally unless you want to for some reason.


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