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4 Myths About Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars That You Should Stay Away From
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4 Myths About Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars That You Should Stay Away From

Myths are easier to believe than facts. This is why fiction gets spread around faster and people readily accept what they hear. Buy here pay here used car dealerships in Greenville are naturally not immune to myths. The industry has attracted some sabotaging stories that continue to bring down its reputation and keep away its helpful benefits from buyers who need them. Surely, you have come across some common myths surrounding buy here pay here used cars but when you consider the facts, those myths feel baseless.

In this post, we bust 4 such myths about buy here pay here used cars and car lots on White Horse Road, Greenville, SC. We give you the facts and leave the decision about buying such vehicles upon you.

Myth 1: Buy here pay here used cars are highly expensive

Fact: Buy here pay here used car prices are dictated by the market. And the market price is run by the conventional supply and demand rule. If either supply or demand rises with the other staying constant, prices fall and rise respectively and that is what you pay as a customer. Top used car dealerships do not place random figures on their used cars. They follow a process that involves the price they paid to buy the vehicle, the reconditing that went behind it, a market-decided profit margin, and more. Nothing is random with buy here pay here used cars.

Myth 2: Buy here pay here used cars are generally clunkers

Fact: Untrue. A top buy here pay here no credit check in Greenville, SC buys its used cars from the same sources as any other used car dealer. Take Family Auto of White Horse Road, for example. We have a trade-in policy which means that most of our used cars come from individual owners like you. Plus, we only buy the best from the wholesale market to assure underlying vehicle quality. Additionally, Family Auto gives you a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty that is way better than extended warranties and this deal proves that the used car you buy is of unmatched quality.

Myth 3: You get limited options with buy here pay here cars

Fact: This is only true for small dealerships that have limited space and resources to maintain used cars. Reputed dealers like Family Auto that is well established in Upstate South Carolina have the capacity to maintain a massive inventory. Even if one dealership does not have the car of your choice due to space restrictions, Family Auto can get the vehicle for you from its other locations. This particular myth totally depends on the dealership you choose. Not all dealers limit your options.

Myth 4: The financing makes buy here pay here cars not worth it

Fact: Yes, financing buy here pay here used cars is different. But the payments again are not decided randomly by the dealer. The market has rules about financing good and bad credit score holders and buy here pay here car lots at White Horse Road, Greenville, SC simply follow them. The interest rates are so because of valid reasons . The financing is a bit expensive because of your credit score. But the benefits you get in return outweigh all the extra expenses you pay now because you get to own a car despite your poor credit score. BHPH used cars are worth it as you refuse your credit score to dictate your life.


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